How to find financial advice while while self-isolating

How to find financial advice while while self-isolating

How to find financial advice while while self-isolating

With the UK going into lock down and the financial market currently in a period of uncertainty, receiving advice on your pension and financial matters is now even more imperative. Given the current situation we outline what things to consider when finding advice and some top tips on how Find Pension Advice can help in the process.

Most people would never consider installing a new engine in their car by themselves. They don’t have the time or skills, so they hire a mechanic for peace of mind. Many of today’s consumers and investors take the same approach to investing and find pension advice from an experienced financial adviser.

The 46 million individuals in the UK who are requiring financial and pension advice and want to ensure that they have planned for the future and that their savings won’t run out. The average investor, however, doesn’t understand market fluctuations or complex financial products. Studies show that those who seek the advice of a financial adviser are more confident about their financial futures-but how do you find the right person for the job? How do you find pension advice?

Step 1-Identify your needs. Whether you need assistance with retirement planning or saving for your children’s education, you should define your financial objectives before you begin your search to find pension advice.

Step 2-There are some method you can use to help find pension advice. You can ask friends, family, and co-workers to make recommendations. This can be an option however when friends and family get involved it can be harder to receive an objective and independent recommendation instead one which may be biased and recommended just because the advisor sends a birthday card every year.
Instead, your financial adviser should someone you can trust-you’re putting your hard-earned money in their hands.

Step 3-Interview at least three advisers before making the final selection.

During the interview process, there are many factors to consider. Look for an adviser who has extensive experience in multiple areas, including investments, insurance and retirement planning. You will also want to inquire about the adviser’s qualifications and regulatory status-he or she should have a Level 4 Qualification from an authorised body such as the CII, CISI or LIBF and must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can check an adviser’s record by contacting the Financial Conduct Authority Register

Step 4 – Once you’ve confirmed that the adviser has a good track record, it’s time to delve deeper into his or her personality. A good adviser will consider all aspects of your financial situation and design a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. He or she will provide the same level of service to all clients, regardless of how much they invest. It’s also critical that your adviser’s “investment philosophy” is consistent with your own. For example, an adviser who favors risky strategies is not a good match for a conservative investor.

At Find Pension Advice we have tried to make the entire process easier for you using modern AI technology. We use Finley AI to help you navigate to find the right financial adviser in order to help you find pension advice.

You just ask Finley to help you find pension advice, you answer some brief questions and Finley will match you to up to three financial advisers.

You simply read through each adviser profile to find out more about each one and the select one adviser to book a complementary meeting with at a time and day suitable to you.

In the comfort of your own home or office conduct your meeting via secure video chat or phone and get access to the advice you need.

To get started to find pension advice just click on the button below and start let Finley AI Help you Find Pension Advice.

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