Independent Pension Advice – Guide

Independent Pension Advice – Guide

Are you overwhelmed by retirement planning? If so, you’re not alone.

The process of managing personal finances is both time-consuming and complex. According to research, 55 percent of workers said they were behind schedule in retirement savings. With so many different companies offering a range of products and services, it’s hard to know where to turn to Find Independent Pension Advice advice.

An increasingly popular choice for investors wanting to find pension advice is to work with an independent pension adviser. Choosing a pension or financial adviser can give you access to comprehensive and sophisticated pension advice and financial planning expertise, combined with a personal relationship and individual attention.

Before making the decision to speak with a pension adviser or financial adviser, it is important to understand what specific services advisers offer and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Independent Pension Advisers and Financial Advisers typically provide a range of financial services and pension advice services that focus on advice, planning and managing of individual pensions and investment portfolios. They usually serve investors who prefer a highly personal approach, want to be included in setting goals and strategy and are comfortable delegating the day-to-day execution of that strategy.

Independent Pension Advisers and Financial Advisers are generally fee-based, which means that their fee is either set as a percentage of the assets that they are managing for you. This system aligns the advisor’s compensation directly with your success. Or paid as a fixed fee or hourly charge based on the actual service you provide.

To help you decide if an Independent Pension Adviser or Financial Adviser is the most appropriate financial professional for you, consider the following questions:

* Is your pension or investment portfolio becoming too complex or time-consuming to manage on your own?

* Is your pension or investment portfolio no longer meeting your goals and objectives?

* Do you want a disciplined retirement or investment plan that is tailored to your individual goals?

* Do you want to participate in regular meetings with your Independent Pension Adviser of Financial Adviser and delegate most of the day-to-day decisions?

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